So to fry with a convection oven

So to fry with a convection oven

Do you refurbish the kitchen and wonder what kind of oven you need, or have you recently bought a convection oven and are not sure how to use it? A kitchen appliance we usually take for granted is the home oven, but many do not realize how convection technology has revolutionized the use.

When you understand how to get a beautifully moist and juicy grilled dinner from your convection oven, never get back to using a regular oven.

How do they work?

Convection ovens contain a third heating element that is usually close to the oven fan to ensure that the air is heated to an even temperature.

This type of oven is about 25-30% faster than usual because the hot air forced around the food quickly seals the surface, holds moisture and nutrients.

Why is a convection oven better than a conventional?

The advantages of using a convection oven are:

Shorter cooking times - Perfect for todays time-honored families, who need to quickly get good food on the table. Bread boils faster and with less attention than usual ovens.

Moist, tasty roasted meat - By sealing the surface quickly, much of the moisture is locked, resulting in tender, good roasts.

Consistent temperature - There are no hot spots and cold spots. The hot air is evenly distributed around the oven and the meat is properly cooked all the way without turning or bending it.

Energy efficiency - With reduced cooking times and / or temperatures, energy consumption reduces by about 20%. Most effective are turbo table models, which can cook up to 80% less energy than a regular oven

What is different about cooking in a convection oven?

Do not be afraid to make any changes to your usual method. Remember:

Shorten cooking times - When boiling at the same temperatures as a regular oven, roasting boils 20-30% faster.

Adjust existing recipes to suit - Feel free to experiment. Some roasts, especially larger, are good if the temperature is lowered by 25 degrees for a portion or the entire cooking time. Smaller cuts usually make good at normal temperature but are ready 20% faster.

Stoves must allow airflow - low sides are best. Keep 2-3 cm clear around the pan and do not cover the oven slabs with foil. Deep frying pans and pots dish the airflow; if you use them, a regular oven is best.

What type is right for you?

Convection ovens come in different sizes, from the commercial ovens directly down the bench-turbo models (like the Australian Easy Cook).

For a large family, a full-size area or wall oven would be a good choice. Some devices also have self-cleaning function, another great time-saving feature. There are many models and manufacturers - talk with your local home provider about your needs.

The bench model is perfect if you cook for a small family, a couple or yourself; They are extremely energy efficient compared to full size models and perfect for camping or motorhome vacation.

Quick Recipe Ideas

Cream Puffs - Use your favorite choux pastry recipe with your oven at 190 ° C. Cook for 35-45 minutes until its golden brown. The puffs will cook evenly everywhere and there is no need to change the tiles or pee puffs, as some prescriptions suggest.

Fried pork with crackling - Use a 1 kg pork fillet. Evaluate the skin before rubbing with generous amounts of olive oil and salt and roasting on a tripod (to maximize airflow around the grill) in your convection oven at 220 ° C for 20 minutes, then 180 ° C for another 40 minutes. to rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.

Fried chicken - Fried chicken is amazing. Roast your prepared chicken at 180 ° C in your convection oven for 30-35 minutes for a deliciously moist chicken with the deliciously cured coating.

Garlic and Parmesan Toasts - Yes, toast! Drizzle olive oil over slices of French or Italian bread, sprinkle on garlic powder and grated parmesan cheese and cook in a rather hot oven until the edges are brown and the cheese is golden (about 5-7 minutes).

When you understand how and why convection ovens work so well, you can snap up and blend your family and friends with the perfect grill. Have a nice meal!

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