How to get more contacts to build links?

Hi, I am looking for a help how to approach people to tell about our service. Since we are doing link baiting by offering free banners , headers, templates, article submission, directory submission , icons, writing articles , Press Release submission and so on. I was under pressure that my boss has fixed me a dead line to recruit more people and links. Can you guys help me?

Help me from where we can get blog owner contact details, web site owners.

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  1. jwserra says:

    I would go to search engines like or and search first for the main keywords your targeting, and second for some of your most popular long tail keywords. The results you receive will be from blogs and websites that are in your same neighborhood in regards to subject. Find the contact page and contact them.
    Sorry no easy way out on this one. Networking through email and telephone to the sites in your neighborhood.
    You could also join some reciprocal linking program, but the links you receive can be considered from bad neighborhoods, lowering their value. What I mean is, if you start getting links from spam sites trying to sell drugs or body part enhancement your site will be considered in the ghetto as well. Join the reciprocal linking program, but be very selective in the links you agree to share, preferably stick to you own theme, subject.

  2. Free Articles says:

    Try this add your link to this directory

  3. Tushar says:

    Do some

    Link Building,
    Create an article and distribute it
    Do some forum posting
    Create some press releases for your content
    Maintain a Blog
    Start a questionnaire to attract visitors

    This will definitely do for you.

  4. Rob says:

    The best way is to put thier link on your site first as a good faith gesture, then ask them to put your link on thier site after providing them the url where thier link is located. In addition to most expierenced webmasters its very important to them if your links page is directly obtainable from your homepage! It requires alot of work but it will pay off in the end. Ask webmasters in sites that are similar yours to trade links with you. Most likly most will ignore you but the ones that do accept will help your site succeed. Trust me if you work hard to get ur website on top those sites that ignored you will eventually be the ones asking for links.

    P.S I hope this helps you and i apoligize for the typo’s its late fri. night and ive had some drinks : )

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