Create Landing Pages That Work With Your Pay Per Click Ads

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The landing page is one of the most efficient ways to power your online business. Unlike a homepage, it should be specifically designed to meet the needs of the visitor, to whom you’re looking to pitch your product or service. When used effectively, this simple web page can make your campaign much more successful.

Optimizing Your Pages

It’s a good rule of thumb to generate consistency over the entire campaign. If a visitor enters the keyword phrase “spare parts” into a search engine and are lead to your site, that term should be displayed in the PPC headline and more importantly, on your landing page. In order to keep the visitor around and complete the conversion, you need to make sure the page is designed in a manner that serves the purpose.

A well designed landing page should contain the following elements:

– Product titles and images that are visible and easily accessible

– A buy or subscribe button that is visible and easily accessible

– A simple design that doesn’t distract or confuse the visitor

– A vivid description of your purpose and what the visitor can achieve, by doing business with you.

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