How can I efficiently learn about the business of online advertising for a health Web site I am developing?

I have a marketing background, so don't need a general marketing course. I need to know the products, language, terms, metrics, etc... of online advertising in 2007. For example, what categories of advertising "products" exist? What kinds of fees can be charged, how are fees determined (I know based on traffic, clicks, but more specifically...?) How is Web advertising marketed/sold to advertisers, particularly in the health and medicine arena. I want a primer on the subject, but would also like to see some quantitative examples relevant to the business in 2007. A "Dummys" book would be a good start, but an up-to-date one doesn't exist. Maybe there are 1-2 day courses. I found one via a Google search, but maybe someone out there has a recommendation. I'm not too worried about cost, as long as I can get up the learning curve quickly. Many thanks to all who will answer!

How do I create an online advertising model for a new website business plan?

I'm looking to create a detailed online advertising business model but not sure where I can get decent stats or if I'm talking out of my butt for this business plan I'm writing. Where can I get good stats and know what people are willing to pay as a CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Are there any online advertising sites where i can put up a few dollars for ads to my small blog?

I don't know much about online advertising, but can I go somewhere and put up maybe $50-$100 and gets some online ads put up somewhere for my blog?

Good online advertising companies that allow you to pre load $1 at a time?

Anyone know of any good online advertising companies that allow you to preload a minimum balance of $1 at a time? Thanks!

what are good resources to deep skills in managin development of creative for online advertising?

i'm applying for a job that will require me to manage the development of creative for online advertising. i have some (but not a lot of) experience in this area and am looking for websites / books that can give me an overview of the development process, tips/tricks, etc. i appreciate any guidance the community can offer!

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