Branding Options and How To Make Banners for Youtube

Please note that branding options are only available once you become a youtube partner Enjoy :)

13 Responses to “Branding Options and How To Make Banners for Youtube”

  1. raconter1 says:

    Thanks for the tips, Jon…I was at a loss, as yu can tell by looking at what passes for a banner now! I appreciate! :) Jack

  2. Jon3800 says:

    Excellent. Best of luck :)

  3. CarnageXB says:

    Great tutorial. I will be using this if I become partner.

  4. xtinkerbellabrix says:

    How do you become a partner

  5. BRENTHENRY1989 says:

    i made a little banner up for jack, go check it out Jon, it got distorted but i think all banners do that? i am not partner so i have no idea? what are the sizes for all the banners? pm me them, then i can make more for jack, thanks! : ) and i wish youtube would have a banner maker built into the partner account?

  6. iApple564 says:

    this is an awesome video im applying on March 1st hopefully i make it XD btw i favorited and rated 5/5 =)

  7. FatGuyWithAShotgun says:

    i saw my old account in the awesome channels thing, sigh 214 subscribers :(

  8. ChevroletBowtie says:

    I made a banner for my page,but Im not a partner.I had to do a whole lot of guessing and messuring to get my profile banner to fit just right at the top of the page.

  9. YouTube says:

    Great tutorial. I will be using this if I become partner.

  10. Daaarthchris says:

    your so lucky you got your account back, good for you

  11. 2000F350powerstroke says:

    hey can you post a vid on how you get the adds i cant do it to save my life, and i do have an adsence account

  12. xdfireworks says:


  13. Sabrina11028 says:

    how do u become a partner?
    wat is a partner?

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