Branded Socks

I brand my white socks into pairs. I mark new ones with a permament marker. It an obsessive compulsive thing. ... white socks brand branding

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  1. warman843 says:

    sav8or i think it’s safe to say he’s “diffrent”

  2. EmperorGuido says:

    I know who Teewacket is referring to. ME! I started doing that years ago out of frustrated necessity. Why is it that when you buy a pack of 6 or 12 ordinary tube socks, they aren’t all the same length? I match mine up by length and then brand them with Sharpies so that they can be matched later when they’ve been washed. I don’t think he’s “weird” or “different”. I think we’ve hit on a practical solution to a very real problem.

  3. damondfree says:

    This is an outstanding idea. Seriously.

    What do I do about my black socks?

  4. Teewacket says:

    I know someone else who does this. Personally, I think it’s over the top, and that’s saying quite a lot from someone who’s as OCD as I tend to be. But, hey, if it works for you as well as it seemed to work for him, I’m happy for the both of you. I just don’t want to do your laundry. ;)

  5. sav8or says:

    Genius? or Weird!

  6. internetconsult says:

    yours bicht

  7. msmodf says:

    I think you need embroidery. or a sock rosary…..

  8. justiceleague3000 says:

    Meanwhile, children are starving in Ethiopia.

  9. YouTube says:

    Genius? or Weird!

  10. JetCityOrange says:


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