Setting up the Branding for your Noah eCommerce Pro Classifieds.

This is an in-depth tutorial on setting up your Logo, Header and Footer using the Modern Theme. Noah Video How To Series Part one.

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Self Branding and Making Marketing Exciting plus Secret Video towards the end

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Success in Music – Connect social media promotion to band products. - - Success in Music - Connect social media promotion to band products. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. Success in music for the music industry of today requires musicians and bands to make sure the are connecting their social media promotion, blogs, photos, samples and all other content back to their band products, websites and places to purchase music. As a music consultant, I push artists very hard to continue to post, share and create new content that is good and interesting for the existing fan to the new fan, but it is also about having the keywords for content, the links, the tag lines and other information connected with these photos, blogs, samples, posts or whatever to draw in the people that have no idea who you are to your website or social media sites to find out more and listen to you and your music. Make sure you are not only putting up, posting and sharing content, but more so making sure the information, the links and the tags are drawing back people that have never heard of you, possibly stumbled upon you accidentally. If some one sees a funny blog from you, make sure it is easy for them to click right through to you. Do not expect any one to decide to research you. Give them the information to get to you faster and with the least effort. It will help build your base much faster ad more effectively. LW ---------------------- Music Consultant, Music Producer & Music Coach Loren Weisman works to help, assist & consult ...

Personlig branding i en splittet verden

Personlig Branding bliver vigtigere og vigtigere

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