Personal Branding: Get the Job In this video we take just a couple of minutes to talk about how to leverage your personal brand identity to help you secure that all important next job, and so progress up the career ladder. Below you'll find a copy of the script for the video. Please leave feedback, and share this video with friends and colleagues if you like it. Many thanks, Charlie Video Script: Welcome to Marketing in Two with me Charlie Trumpess. In this short video we'll briefly discuss managing your online and offline presence and reputation; or your personal brand. You'll want to spend some time thinking about what you stand for, what you do, how you do it, and the value you'll add for a potential employer. Once you've thought this through, and be honest with yourself, try to encapsulate your thoughts into a brief, catchy description. Something your audience will find instantly engaging and memorable. Keep it short - a couple of sentences. If you're looking for inspiration you won't go far wrong listening to the opening lines of the TV show Star Trek -- one of the best mission statements around. Today our whole lives our often played out on social media sites, so it's wise to try to manage your online reputation as much as possible. It's almost certain that after a prospective employer looks at your CV or resume, they'll search for you on Google. It's not going to look too good if among the search results are photos of you laying drunk in a gutter somewhere, or they find you've ...

Traffic Accumulator Software real review

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Branding: Using Social Media to Establish your Brand Authority

MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE As consumers today are actively participating in brands rather than passively receiving their messages, how do businesses foster better experiences with their employees and customers? How are they using social media to build and amplify their brand message, and build their unique voice and authority? This video answers that and details how to establish your credibility and authority as a brand through the use of social media. Watch the full video to discover what the four key elements are to creating an authoritative online presence, as oppose to an active brand. The full post can be found at http Thanks for watching and please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel here or visit my website for more tips.

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Preparing your Site for PointPress Branding

This video describes how to prepare your SharePoint 2010 or Sharepoint Online site for the PointPress branding solution. Make sure to set your display quality to 720p for best viewing!

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