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Do You have an awesome idea or a service? Are struggling not sure where to start? Do you think it will take you forever to build a website? This video will teach you how to start a beautiful looking web site in less then 10 minutes. It is easy and my step by step tutorial, makes it even more easier. Remember, any idea is dead before it has a start, and that start is your website. go zero to FIRST BIG STEP in 10 minutes or less!!! tutorial | SharePoint Designer 2010: Branding SharePoint Sites—Site customization

Watch more about SharePoint at In SharePoint Designer 2010: Branding SharePoint Sites, Simon Allardice explores using SharePoint Designer 2010 to alter the default appearance of SharePoint web sites. This course covers creating themes and making simple CSS changes to fully restyling a site with master pages and page layout templates. Simon also shows how to aid usability and adoption by providing improved navigation and individual page layouts for site-specific content.

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How Challenger Brands should approach Augmented Reality

Amazing technology but what is it for exactly? What function does it have? These seem to be the questions being asked of Augmented Reality at the moment by the brand and business world. Caspar Thykier, founder and managing director of Zappar, a London based creative technology company, thinks that rather than obsessing over the utility and technology itself, we should instead think about AR as another media channel that can deliver bite-sized forms of entertainment. Challenger Brands are known for using every available touchpoint as a medium with which to project and so for Challengers in particular, Caspar thinks there are many opportunites to digitally enhance and bring to life those physical touchpoints within the brand experience. Zappar specialise in Augmented Reality technology and look to deliver 'snackable' entertainment delivered through their iPhone and Android app, Zappar. For more visit The Challenger Project at

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