Introducing Catalyst Branding

Video 1: Why I created Catalyst Branding

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How To Create A Slider For WordPress Themes Personal Branding With Colour By Diane Cossie WordPress blogs are an essential part of branding yourself online and when you decide on your WordPress blog theme, you will soon start to think about what colours and messages you want visitors to your blog to see and read about your products and services. In general colour selection is important and should be matched to everything you do online, so you will want to bear in mind that whenever people see you online your personal branding and colours should be congruent with your WordPress blog. In this video we demonstrate how easy it easy to create a SLIDER for a WordPress Theme, with images using the TECH SMITH SNAGIT tool. Images can be sourced from istockphoto and microsoft office to name a few and it is always best to make sure they are royalty free. For more info and tips like this one visit

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