Personal Branding In Network Marketing Personal branding in network marketing - here is a list of 5 things you can do to help build your personal brand 1. Create a unique identity. Example: The Millionaire Mom 2. Create a personally-branded URL. Example: 3. Personally branded headline for your lead capture page. Example: Discover How An Overworked Mother of 4 Quit Her Job and Became The Millionaire Mom Working On The Internet Using a Little Known Secret 4. Create a personal my story page on your site that allows prospects to get to know you as well as how you can provide help to them. If you are sending prospects to a lead capture page, this page is a good place for them to be directed to after they have opted in for more information. 5. Create a personally-branded e-mail address (yourfirstname @ and create a custom signature building upon your unique identity. Example: Jane Doe The Millionaire Mom How I went from working 2 jobs to becoming CEO of my home:

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Tips for Personal Branding from a Public Relations Expert

Personal branding involves consistent elements and deliberate strategy. Will Reichard of CrossCut Communications shares thoughts after taking part in a personal branding panel at the Crittenden National Conference in Las Vegas.

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MLM Personal Branding Using FREE Internet Tools

In this video Jomer Gregorio talks about the personal branding using free internet tools. Explode your MLM business at

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